A blog written by plumbers has the potential to include a lot of poo jokes and some might think will be full of sh**.

Well. Each month we plan to prove the stereotype that plumbers have to live with WRONG!

We are going to show the world that plumbers can do so much more for you than just unblock your toilet.

Whilst our plumbers often fill their smoko breaks with funny stories the team at Guaranteed Plumbing actually believe there are some super helpful tips, tricks, and ideas we can offer people to improve their home plumbing needs and avoid costly emergency call outs or insurance excess when something bursts or breaks.

Just like owning a vehicle, or any other major asset in your life. The plumbing in your house needs continual maintenance to ensure it is performing its duties properly. You wouldn’t go years without changing the oil or checking the tyre pressure on your vehicle unless you like to live life on the edge. It is for this same reason you shouldn’t overlook your plumbing needs on your property for long periods of time.

Each month we will be putting a new post that includes simple things anyone can do(even our nerdy office guy is able to do these tasks) which will make sure you don’t call us in a panic because you are hosting a big dinner party and your sink won’t drain or you have friends coming to stay and your hot water system isn’t heating.

Please share our blogs and don’t forget. If you need us, day or night 365 days a year. We have a plumber ready to service your needs.

Remember also that anytime you book a guaranteed plumber for a job we give a FREE Home Health Check and give you a written report so you can keep an eye on things that could cause issues down the line.

Thanks for stopping by and we appreciate you taking the time to read our first blog.