Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way that I can maintain my own drains so they don’t block up?

Yes, you can use a combination of baking soda and white vinegar poured down the drains. This will eat away any excess scum in the pipe. This is not an alternative to clearing a drain, but it is a handy method to help maintain the integrity of your drainage system.

Can I pour grease and oil down my kitchen drain?

No, you should avoid at all costs any oil or grease going down your drains anywhere. Keep a can or container next to your sink when cooking, use this container to pour the grease into and dispose elsewhere. If you put fats or grease down your drain, as soon as they hit a cold the surface they solidify and become a nuisance. They do eventually build up and will block your pipe causing it to specialized clearing.

How hot should my hot water be?

Your hot water should be stored at a minimum of 60°C in your hot water tank itself. This is to prevent the breeding of legionnaires disease. Anything less than 60°C is an ideal medium for the breeding of bacteria such as legionnaires. The water coming out at your showers should be regulated through what is known as a tempering valve to 50℃

My hot water system keeps on dripping out of the pipe connected to the valve at the top of the cylinder, is this normal?

Your hot water system has a relief valve at the top. This is designed to drip with the expansion of water caused by the heating cycle. On average you should lose about 5 L of water per day. These should be manually activated about every three months to make sure that they are functional. You can do this yourself by simply pulling the handle on the valve up and releasing a full flow of water for about 3 – 5 seconds.

What is a hot water anode?

Your hot water system has what is known as a sacrificial anode. This anode, which is located in the centre of your hot water system at the top of the cylinder, sacrifices itself to the chemicals in the water instead of your steel cylinder getting rusted out. It is important to check the anode every 2 to 4 years. At Guaranteed Plumbing Solutions we can arrange a maintenance schedule, in which we contact you, to take care of this and other plumbing maintenance that needs to be done.

My water pipe has burst and my house has water everywhere what do I do?

The first thing to do is located your water meter or isolation valve and turn it off. Secondly call Guaranteed Plumbing Solutions on 07 4125 3525. It is very important to familiarize yourself with the location of your water meter or water isolation valve. In the event of an emergency this can save you precious seconds and also $$$.

Where is my water meter or isolation valve?

Generally with houses your water meter is located at the front of your property near the nature strip and most of the time it is in one corner, however sometimes they are located in the centre of your front yard towards the nature strip, either way you will find it at the front of your property.

Finding isolation valves when living in a unit or apartment can sometimes be a little more difficult. They can be in the same location as a house’s, near the nature strip but they can also be behind or underneath the Unit. Sometimes there are what is known as a ‘ Services Corridor ‘ within the Unit that has an access panel or possibly even random tap in a cupboard that you figure out what it does. Contact your Body Corporate to locate your water isolation point if the location is unknown and none of these tips help.

I own a number of investment properties however I don’t want to use the plumber that my real estate agent uses. Can we still use Guaranteed Plumbing Solutions?

Of course you can! We work for a number of real estate’s within the area and all you need to do is make a specific request with the agency in writing and nominate us as your plumber of choice.

What areas can you service?

We service all areas on the Fraser Coast including Maryborough, Hervey Bay and surrounding areas.

I have a large banging sound and vibrating noise in my house when I turn taps on and off?

This is what we call Water Hammer. This can be caused by a number of different things such as loose pipes or faulty valves. There are a couple of options with regards to repairing this and it is most commonly the replacement of a valve or the installation of a hammer arrestor, but it most certainly can be a process of elimination to fix this. Call us today on 4125 3525 to discuss your options.

How can you guarantee that my drain remains clear for 90 days after you unblock it?

The reason that drains can be guaranteed for a minimum of 90 days is due to the use of the specialized drain cleaning equipment that we have. The equipment is known as a ‘ Water Jetter’ and uses high pressure water streaming from small jets to cut and clear 99% of all blockages. If you have a tree root intrusion, the roots will eventually grow back, but after the drain has been cleared by us it will take a lot longer for the roots to grow back than when a drain is cleared using your conventional ‘eel’ style drain cleaners

How can you guarantee my drain will remain free for 200 days?

After we have successfully cleared the drain, if you choose to have an extended warranty, we then inspect the integrity of the drain using our specialized Drain CCTV Inspection Unit. With a visual inspection carried out to that particular section of the drain that has just been cleared we can see if there are any other underlying problems that may cause another blockage

Is there anything that I should avoid putting down my toilet?

The only things that should go down your toilet besides the obvious number 1’s and number 2’s, is toilet paper. Strictly avoid putting any baby wipes, tampons or other foreign objects down the toilet as these potentially can cause a blockage and cost you a lot of money. Another thing to avoid using is the toilet deodorizers that ‘clip or hang’ over the rim of the bowl. These can easily fall into the bowl and become lodged into the ‘S’ bend of the toilet, leading to the toilet being removed to dislodge it.

How can tree roots get into my sewer?

Tree roots can gain access to your sewer line in a number of different ways. The two main methods are either through movement in the ground causing a pipe or fitting to crack. Or it can simply be a joint that has not been glued correctly allowing the route to gain access. It only takes a tree root the size of a human hair to gain access inside of your pipe and it can potentially grow into a root system the thickness of your arm and continue for metres.

How does acoustic leak detection actually work?

An acoustic leak detector is basically an amplified microphone, using cutting edge technology and algorithms to isolate surrounding noise and pinpoint the location of any underground leak.

What if there is too much surrounding noise to hear the leak?

In addition to our acoustic leak detector, we have capabilities to use a tracer gas. Tracer gas, once introduced into the underground water pipe system will find it’s way to the leak. Once there it will exit the leak and permeate vertically through just about any surface and our equipment can sense it in the smallest quantities

Can the leak detector be used to find different types of leaks besides just water pipes?

Using the Hydrogen tracer gas, we can also successfully locate leaks in swimming pool pipes that run between the pump and the pool.

Can your Drip Free washers be damaged?

These patented and Australian made washers can not be damaged. You are more likely to break the handle off of your tap before you damage the washer. They are ideal for anyone that has a heavy hand or simply just for troublesome taps that you have replaced the washers in 100 times before and they still drip.

What other benefits are there in using these washers?

Well not only can they not be damaged, but they are also easy to turn on and off. For someone that has trouble with their dexterity they are ideal. There is also the ‘Big Brother’ version of these washers that is actually water saving washer, saving you around 30% on your water consumption and water heating costs.

What is the difference between the 3 & 5 Year Guarantee?

All of the materials that we use are of the highest quality, but the guarantee period is dictated by the different and more difficult installation methods.

Why haven’t I heard of these washers before now?

Believe it or not, but there are a lot of plumbers out there that think if they give someone a washer this good that won’t drip for that long, then they are doing themselves out of repeat business. Ludicrous, I know, but there are plumbers out there that want your taps to keep dripping.

How much notice will you give us if you are running late?

We endeavour to give you at least 30 minutes notification that we may be running late.

What are our options if you are running late?

You can either wait for us to get there at the revised time that we will tell you or you have the option to re-book another time that is convenient for you.

How thoroughly do you clean the your work area?

Our team members all carry portable vacuum cleaners and a full supply of cleaning cloths and products. This allows us to give a thorough clean of the work area once the work is completed.

Do I need to keep a receipt for any warranty claims?

No. With our systems, we track and have a record of every job done….ever. Due to the fact that we run a paperless office all records are saved electronically and backed up in ‘ The Cloud ‘.



A good rule of thumb is if it has power going through it, hot water going to it or there is no plumbing yet added for it then call a plumber. We have the knowledge and expertise to make sure that your plumbing work does not end in disaster for you.

Please remember, the advice given here is only general advice and should not be used to replace the services of a qualified and insured plumber and no liability will be taken by Guaranteed Plumbing for the rectification of faulty DIY work undertaken from the content given through this information